Arch Linux GUI



Arch Linux GUI is an operating system based on Arch Linux, it includes Calamares for a simple graphic installation! That allows users to easily install Arch Linux on their computers.

The Project was created by DemonKiller, the source code is available on Github

I decided to continue his project, I'll release a new ISO every month due to the rolling release nature of Arch Linux.

This contribution to Linux community will allow everybody to use Arch Linux. If you’re interested in keeping your system up to date all you have to do is open up terminal, write sudo pacman -Syu and voila!

Feel free to visit the old website for nostalgia!

Cheers, xfusion


Full installation guide can be found here.

To install Arch Linux GUI you must be on x64. If you have an older version (i.e x86) it's not gonna work. For x64 you must create a bootable USB device, all you have to do is format using FAT32 you can use Gnome Disk for example then open up the ISO, copy paste the files to the USB device and bingo!


Go to your BIOS and disable Secure boot.

Desktop environment


Arch Linux GUI is provided with offline graphic installation known as Calamares, it will install Gnome Pure.
If you want to use an other desktop environment visit the Hidden Wiki

ALG Changelog

Updated Calamares, added new slides (DemonKiller)
Iso Shipped with Gnome Pure by default (xfusion)


Please if you got any problems with your system visit the Hidden Wiki
You may contact us by Instagram or Youtube


Arch Linux GUI (2022-09-01)


Arch Linux GUI (2022-09-01)